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    Focus on your startup idea, leave development to us
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    We give life to your ideas
    We will take care of your product
We provide development services for startups
Ask us for advice and consultation about your startup or idea, and we will provide you professional helpful feedback.
We help our clients to improve their products in order to get better user experience and increase traction.
We are always on top of the innovation wave and we like to get our clients on board.
Professional and experienced teams can convert any of your ideas into reality. Experience works for us.

Satisfied Clients
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Returning clients
How our process looks like

1. Analysis

After receiving your request, we will analyse it. There are no two identical projects, so we approach each one professionally, using our experience to analyse it well

2. Iterations

We always want to be sure that we are on the same pages and that we understood the project. That is why we will communicate intensively with you until we reveal each unknown

3. Improvements

We are not "yes sir" company. We will propose you improvements, what to change, what to fix, what approach to take... You can be sure that we will not let you do wrong things

4. Estimation

After we agree on each aspect of the project, we can give you an estimation. If anyone give you estimation without mentioned steps be sure that it is irresponsible and inaccurate.

5. Development

In this point, magic starts. Our team will follow agreed steps and work packages, and keep you informed about each potential problem, issue or improvement.

6. Support

After the project is done, we will not leave you. We will provide you certain amount of support time where you can count on our unreserved help and consult

Here are some thoughts our customers wrote us

Jürgen Kirg

- after convincing him to pivot his product

"Guys, you really rock. I was so close to make a mistake. Thank you for advice."

Micha Cortes

- after pointing out problems in his team

"It is sad that you care about my product more than my employees."

Jeremy Block

- after successful finishing of product

"Do you have a capacity to do development for all startups I am funding."

Ramesy Bridge

- after fixing product on time for pitch

"I want to invite your whole team on our success funding event. You are one of the reasons we are here."