Who we are and what we do

We are here to do your job

Eu Tech Pro is an organization that gathers several agile and quality oriented development companies from the region of East Europe with one joined goal: to build quality products.
Quality is mandatory for us and we do not have compromise there.

After years of work and many good and bad experiences, we shaped up our process of work. With it, we are able to deliver fast and quality products. Unlike a majority of other development agencies, our goal is to make our client happy, so we can continue our cooperation upon project is finished.
A number of returning clients says that we are doing it well.

Our process is divided into several phases. These phases are shaped over years of good and bad experiences and feedback from clients

  • Analyse project in details
  • Ask client as many questions as possible
  • Offer improvements to the clients
  • Decide which team will work and estimate project
  • Perform development
  • Support client

Following of this process is mandatory for us and for the client. There are no shortcuts and workarounds. Only disciplined work and dedication to the rules can give us and the client desired outcome.

Our statistics
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